Resonance & Rasa: The Art of Chanting

An Online Course for Sound Healers, Yogis & Teacher Trainers

Taught by Sheela Bringi


Livestream Class Calls on Zoom:
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6 Wednesdays: July 3 - August 7

Includes Access to Replays to Chant with Anytime 

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Do you yearn to unlock deeper resonance, clarity and power in your practice and/or teaching of mantra?


Do you love chanting and wish to immerse yourself in melodic depth and beauty from the Indian music tradition?


Are you looking to cultivate a devotional sound-based practice that is heart-opening, blissful, and rooted in tradition?

If so, I am excited to invite you to Resonance & Rasa:

The Art of Chanting

In this Course you will:

  • Empower your mantra practice & teaching with expanded resonance and confident articulation of sanskrit sounds

  • Enhance your capacity to emote blissful moods (rasa) through your chanting with melodies that impact the heart/mind/body at a deep level

  • Be expertly guided through evidence-based vocal techniques to increase ease & resonance in your singing and chanting

  • Chant several deity mantras and beautiful sacred verses/invocations (śloka) that you can use in personal practice and/or lead for groups

  • Chant-along with Sheela wherever you go with downloadable audio tracks

  • Learn how to accompany your chanting with a tambūra (drone) app or harmonium


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What you Receive in this Course:

  • 6 Livestream Classes with Sheela Bringi on Zoom (a total of 9 contact hours)

  • Replays of Each Session for you to work through anytime

  • Lifetime Access to this Course

  • PDFs with reliable transliteration, translation and notation of each mantra/śloka

  • Harmonium instruction for each mantra/śloka in separate, succinct, pre-recorded learning videos

  • Downloadable audio tracks of Sheela chanting each mantra/śloka for you to put on your device and sing along with anytime


Whether you are an at-home mantra practitioner, a sound healer, a teacher of other chanters, or you yearn to begin your mantra chanting journey, this Course is for you.

About Your Guide

Sheela Bringi

Lead Teacher

Sheela Bringi comes from a family of Indian vocalists, Sanskrit scholars, spiritual practitioners, and teachers of Yogic philosophies. For the past three decades, she has dedicated herself to the study of Indian classical and devotional music. In her teaching, Sheela seamlessly blends evidence-based Western vocal exercises with integrative Alexander Technique and traditional Indian classical vocal training.

Her unique musical journey has been shaped by her studies with Indian bansuri legend GS Sachdev, imprinting her music with a spiritual depth rooted in Indian classical rāgas and their healing power. She continues her study of Indian Classical music with vocal maestro Subhashish Mukhopadhay. Her broad-ranging musical learning, including extensive training in Western musical traditions, enables her to move fluidly between and amidst worlds.

Her two solo mantra music albums, ‘Shakti Sutra’ and ‘Incantations,’ have received critical acclaim from media outlets like NBC News, NPR, and Public Radio International, highlighting her versatility and cultural impact. As an educator, Sheela Bringi is committed to sharing the transformative power of sacred sound and music. She serves as adjunct faculty in Indian Devotional Singing at Naropa University in Boulder and is a co-founder and a lead teacher in the Sacred Sound Lab, an online school educating a global community of students in sacred Indian music.

Hear from Our Community

I am used to "normal" vocal exercises, which are sometimes a bit boring but Sheela offers a completely different approach: in the same time you warm up, you also relax your mind and body and you can feel that it's a complete practice. Thank you so much dear Sheela for sharing with us your knowledge." - Emilie Mangoni, Yoga Teacher and Singer
"Sheela absolutely loves offering song to Divine Mother and shares that joy with her students. The classes are more spiritual offerings and meditations than classes. You come away full of Bhakti and bliss! " - Sacred Sound Lab Student
"Singing with Sheela invites you into the spaciousness of your inner knowing, where sensation and sonic explorations roll out like a welcome breeze. When you lean into the exhalation combined with your self made vibrations, you realize the person coming to save me is my healed self. - Cole Butler, Architect of Spaciousness


Even on Zoom, singing and playing live with Sheela is a joy. Her teaching method is impeccable, and has taught me things I did not think I could learn, her generosity is immense and the heartful group energy of practicing with her is a gift for all." - Coralie, Spain, practitioner of voice, sound, rhythm and percussion as an individual and collective healing modality.
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Course Outline


Module 0: Sanskrit Sound Anatomy (Prep Module available instantly upon purchase - go through on your own before this Course starts)

  • Be introduced to the building blocks of mantra: the sacred sounds of Sanskrit
  • Learn the anatomy of Sanskrit sounds and how to form them

Module 1: Breakthrough your Blockages

  • Explore techniques to warm up your voice and regulate your nervous system through sound
  • Receive expert suggestions and recommendations for effective mantra practice
  • Practice a deity mantra and śloka dedicated to gaṇeśa

Module 2: Orient to Resonance

  • Uncover the unique resonance of your own luminous voice
  • Discover how to form, chant and sing Sanskrit sounds with precision
  • Invite the grace and beauty of Goddess Sarasvatī to flow through you as you chant

Module 3: Taste the Essence

  • Consider and contemplate the significance of rasa (mood) in devotional chanting
  • Immerse yourself in the rasa of passion (śringāra rasa) through a vocal mantra meditation
  • Practice the śloka "oṃ namaḥ śivāya gurave"

Module 4: Empowered Pronunciation

  • Refine your Sanskrit pronunciation with accessible and enjoyable teachings
  • Call upon Hanumān, the embodiment of selfless service and courage
  • Experience a captivating rāga-based melody for the "maṅgala mūrati" chant, in praise of Hanumān

Module 5: Clarity of Purpose

  • Deepen your intimacy with yourself and Deity through your chanting practice
  • Invoke Durgā, sovereign Goddess of fierce courage and strength
  • Learn the śloka "sarva maṅgala māngalye" in a majestic rāga melody

Module 6: Shine the Light

  • Unlock the timeless potency of the "gāyatrī mantra" as it has been traditionally chanted through the ages
  • Receive accessible teachings on the Vedic melody notes, meter, breath, and precise pronunciation

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