Harmonium Magic 101 

Support your practice of mantra and kīrtan
with this powerful instrument

Self-Paced Video Course [Instant Access] 

with Sheela Bringi & Brent Kuecker

In Harmonium Magic 101 you will:

  • demystify the harmonium's keyboard

  • learn the building blocks of Indian melody

  • support mantra and peace prayers with the harmonium

  • play and sing 5 beautiful kīrtans

  • receive guidance in accurate Sanskrit pronunciation

  • practice easeful posture and use of the Voice

  • connect in a joyful, supportive online community of bhaktas, musicians and chanters!

  • listen to stories and teachings on the Deities of Yogic & Hindu practice with Sreedevi Bringi

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What you Receive in the Course:  

  • Instant Access to 7 Modules of Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

  • PDF downloads with notation and translation for all kīrtans and mantras

  • Access to a Private Group Forum to post your questions and get support 

  • Bonus Video courseDeities of Yoga: Stories, Songs, and Mantras by Sreedevi & Sheela Bringi 

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Bonus Course - Deities of Yoga:
Stories, Songs & Mantras

with Sreedevi & Sheela Bringi

  • Experience Deity teachings & stories with Sreedevi Bringi (Sheela’s fabulous Mother!), plus sing songs and mantras with Sheela & Sreedevi together! 
Included as a BONUS with your Purchase!

Your Teaching Team

Sheela Bringi

Lead Teacher

Brent Kuecker

Lead Teacher

Sreedevi Bringi

 Deity Stories & Teachings

Sheela Bringi

Lead Teacher

Brent Kuecker

Lead Teacher

Sreedevi Bringi

Deity Stories & Teachings

Hear from Our Community

"I had no idea how online would work for learning how to play the harmonium but Sheela and Brent are making it happen. This training has been so enriching for my soul." - Linda Brown
"All I can say is WOW. I am just overcome with emotion and gratitude for these offerings." - Amanda Perri
"Working with Sheela and Brent has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend training with Sheela and Brent highly enough!" - Tanja Mickwitz, Rasa Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer


“I’ve played the piano since I was a kid, but I’ve learned more about music from Sheela and Brent in the last two months than in my entire life.” - Abby Spotskey, Yoga Teacher

You'll love this course if:

  • you have a harmonium that you want to play but haven't touched it in years

  • you are a Yoga teacher and want to bring harmonium and chanting into your classes

  • you already chant mantra or kirtan, and you want to learn how to support your singing with the harmonium

  • you have been singing & playing harmonium for years, and want to review the basics 

  • you played piano as a kid and now want to learn harmonium

Harmonium Magic 101 is for you if:

  • you are new to the harmonium

  • or, you already play harmonium, but are not familiar with Indian sargam (solfege) syllables

  • or, you want to brush up on the basics and learn new kīrtans and mantras

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Course Outline

all content available instantly upon enrollment


Orientation to the Harmonium

  • 6 video lessons to get familiar and comfortable with your instrument

Module 1: Praise the Mother!

  • Learn a simple & beautiful kīrtan jai jai mā and continue getting comfortable playing and singing the first 5 svaras of Indian music.

Module 2: Auspiciousness and Serenity

  • Sing and play all 7 seven svaras of Indian music, learn the kīrtan śambho śaṅkara, and continue getting familiar with Indian rhythms.

Module 3: Enjoyer of the Senses

  • Be introduced to yaman ṭhāṭ (lydian mode) and learn the kīrtan govinda jai jai.

Module 4: Mantras for Peace

  • Learn 2 mantras for peace - asato mā & lokāḥ - and a mantra honoring all venerable Gurus. These are traditional closing prayers.

Module 5: Mother of the Universe

  • Be introduced to āsāvari ṭhāṭ (minor scale) and learn the kīrtan durge jai jai mā.

Module 6: The Indwelling Divine

  • Be introduced to kāfi ṭhāṭ (dorian mode) and learn the kīrtan oṃ namo bhagavate.

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