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Do you love chanting and wish to immerse yourself in the melodic depth and beauty from the Indian tradition?


Would you love to study kirtan singing and harmonium with available teachers you can build a real relationship with?


Are you looking to cultivate a daily devotional Yoga of Sound practice that is heart-opening, blissful, and rooted in tradition?


Are you looking for a connected community of compassionate and supportive seekers, chanters, and devotional musicians?

If so, we are excited to invite you to the Sacred Sound Lab Membership. 

In this membership you will:

  • Gain unlimited access to our Core Curriculum: The Path of The Luminous Voice and Harmonium Magic - 8 courses total

  • Cultivate ease and confidence in your singing voice in a supportive and uplifting community

  • Be held in a potent, transformational container through the Yoga of Sound

  • Consistently expand your repertoire of kÄ«rtans and bhajans with new courses and chants released monthly

  • Have direct access to and personalized support with Sheela & Brent weekly

  • Be a part of a diverse global community, with students of all levels.

  • Learn to hold space and share kÄ«rtan and chants with your students and/or community

  • Sing and chant until you dissolve into the Divine

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This membership includes: 

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Plus, Optional Advanced Study Opportunities

*members receive preferred or exclusive access 
**additional investment required

"Sing with Sheela" for 3 more weeks! 

Healing & Devotional Vocal Practices with Sheela Bringi


Sacred Sound Lab members receive full access Sing with Sheela


 4 Weeks of Livestream Calls:
Days: Mon / Wed / Fri

Dates: April 8th - May 3rd

Time: 7 - 8 a.m. MDT


*All Calls Recorded and Replays are uploaded to the Membership within 48 hours of the Live Calls.


In Sing with Sheela you will:

  • Practice vocal self-care, warm-ups and toning 

  • Connect to your heart and the divine through devotional chanting & guided rāga singing

  • Start your day by soothing your nervous system and enveloping your being in blissful vocal resonance

  • Experience your voice as a conduit for healing and spiritual connection

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Your Teaching Team

Sheela Bringi

Co-Founder, Lead Instructor, and All-Around Boss Lady :-)

Brent Kuecker

Co-Founder, Lead Instructor, Content Producer aka "The Great Doer"

Sreedevi Bringi

Sheela's Mom & First Music Teacher, Honored Guest Instructor, "Embodiment of the Goddess of Speech & Beauty" (that's her name!)

Mx Puja Singh

Instructor, Magnificent Teaching Assistant, and Profound Sonic Inspiration


"These classes are abundantly rich, informative, professional, fun and stimulating." - Julie Simonson
"All I can say is WOW. I am just overcome with emotion and gratitude for these offerings." - Amanda Perri


"Your training has been so enriching for my soul. I had no idea how online would work for learning how to play the harmonium but you and Brent are making it happen." - Linda Brown
“Working with Sheela and Brent has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend training with Sheela and Brent highly enough!" - Tanja Mickwitz, Rasa Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer

You'll love this Membership if:

  • You want to begin, expand or deepen your practice of mantra, rāga, and kÄ«rtan

  • You enjoy learning at your own pace, with consistent support 

  • You want to bring the beauty and depth of mantra or kÄ«rtan into your Yoga classes or community

  • You want to access greater ease, resonance, and articulation in your devotional singing

  • You're inspired to study both vocal and harmonium skills without having to choose one over the other 

  • You’d like to cultivate a long-term (even lifetime!) Yoga of Sound practice, and would like to have a convenient and affordable way to learn & develop.  

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Membership Includes:


  • Unlimited Access to All Core Curriculum

  • 8+ Livestream Support Calls/Month

  • Unlimited Access to All Supplementary Curriculum

  • Bonus Monthly Livestream KÄ«rtans & Masterclasses

  • Private Sacred Sound Lab Community Forum



  • Continue in "Sing with Sheela" through May 3rd


Investment: 2 Subscription Options

Price-locked for life, even when the price goes up in the future


Monthly Subscription

$127 / mo $108 / mo

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$1297 / yr $1097 / yr

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