Sing & Play Along to this Beautiful Goddess Chant!


Yā Devī Sarva Bhūteṣu - 7 verses

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Lesson starts at minute 2:10.

In this video:

• learn to sing the melody in sargam (Indian solfege syllables)
• play a two-note drone with me as we sing the melody and lyrics
• I demonstrate playing the melody on the harmonium
• I demonstrate how I combine the melody with drone and chord tones (advanced).

More about this chant...

✨ During the Nine Nights of the Goddess, or Navarātrī, it's common to sing this beautiful chant every night with a waving of the flame (āratī). ✨

These verses say:

✨ I salute That Goddess, Who is present inside every living being in the form of:

- wisdom (buddhi)
- power (śakti)
- peace (śānti)
- dedication (śraddhā)
- wealth (laḳsmī)
- compassion (dayā)
- the Mother (mātṛ)
- and the verses go on to name many more aspects of Her

✨ Salutations to You, Salutations to You, Salutations to You. ✨ namastasyai namastasyai namastayai namo namaḥ


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