Harmonium Magic
101 & 111

Support your practice of mantra and kīrtan
with this powerful instrument!

Online Classes 

with Sheela Bringi & Brent Kuecker

Two Six-Week Courses:


Harmonium Magic 101 runs Jan 12 - Feb 16th

Foundational training, beginners welcome!


Harmonium Magic 111 runs Feb 23 - March 30th

Builds on 101, learn new kīrtans & harmonium skills 


Live Video Zoom Sessions on Tuesdays with Sheela & Brent

Time: 12 - 1:30 PM MST 
(11 - 12:30 PM PST /
2 - 3:30 PM EST / 7 - 8:30 PM GMT)  

All content recorded and available for viewing anytime!

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Harmonium Magic 101 - a Six-Week Video Course + Weekly Live Practice & Coaching Sessions


January 12 - February 16th | Live Sessions on Tuesdays from 12 - 1:30 PM MST. 


What you Receive: 

  • 6 Modules of Pre-Recorded Video Lessons with over 9 hours of training. 

  • 6 Weekly Live Practice & Coaching Sessions on Zoom 

  • 6 Weekly Harmonium "Office Hours" get extra help & practice

  • PDF downloads with notation and translation for all kīrtans and mantras.

  • All live calls recorded and all content available for viewing anytime!



Harmonium Magic 111 - a Six-Week Live Virtual Course - that Builds on the 101 Course 


February 23 - March 30th  | Live Classes on Tuesdays from 12 - 1:30 PM MST


What you Receive: 

  • 6 Weekly Live Classes on Zoom. Build on Harmonium 101 - Learn new kīrtans and harmonium skills.

  • 6 Weekly Harmonium "Office Hours" get extra help & practice

  • PDF downloads with notation and translation for all kīrtans and mantras.

  • Live Weekly Classes recorded, edited & posted on our course site, available for viewing anytime! 



Bonuses you get with each course: 

  • Bonus #1 - Video course - Deities of Yoga: Stories, Songs, and Mantras of Hindu Gods & Goddesses by Sreedevi & Sheela Bringi 

  • Bonus #2 - Instant access to a vault of teaching videos from Sreedevi Bringi including:

    • Indian Women Mystic Saints  - 45-min mini course

    • Significance of Chanting AUM 

    • Power of Sacred Sanskrit

  • Bonus #3 - Instant access to Introductory Modules of Kirtan Clarity Video course by Sheela Bringi (learn the fundamentals of harmonium and the building blocks of melody)

In these online courses you will:

  • demystify the keyboard 

  • learn the building blocks of Indian melody

  • support mantra, traditional invocations, and peace prayers with the harmonium

  • learn to play and sing kīrtans  

  • receive guidance in accurate Sanskrit pronunciation

  • practice easeful posture and use of the Voice

  • connect in a joyful, supportive online community of bhaktas, musicians and chanters!

  • listen to stories and teachings on the Deities of Yogic & Hindu practice with Sreedevi Bringi

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Preview of Deities of Yoga 

with Sreedevi & Sheela Bringi


You'll love these courses if:

  • you have a harmonium that you want to play but haven't touched it in years

  • you are a Yoga teacher and want to bring harmonium and chanting into your classes

  • you already chant mantra or kirtan, and you want to learn how to support your singing with the harmonium

  • you have been singing & playing harmonium for years, and want to review the basics and practice in community

  • you played piano as a kid and now want to learn harmonium


Which of these courses is for me? 


Harmonium Magic 101 is for you if:

  • you are new to the harmonium

  • or, you already play harmonium, but are not familiar with Indian sargam (solfege) syllables

  • or, you want to brush up on the basics and learn new kīrtans and mantras

If any of these describe you - we recommend you start with 101, and then continue onto 111 to build on what you’ve learned and keep up your momentum. Bundling these two courses together is the best deal!  



Harmonium Magic 111 is for you if:

  • you have taken the Harmonium Magic 101 course

  • or, you are comfortable singing and playing simple melodies in sargam

  • or, you are an experienced musician

If any of these describe you - you may enroll directly into 111. However, we still recommend you start with 101 to brush up on the basics and practice foundational kīrtans and mantras. We are offering a great deal on enrolling in 101 & 111 together.

  • Harmonium Magic 101 is a foundational training that covers the fundamentals of keyboarding and the Indian sargam (solfege) system. You learn to play and sing several simple mantras, kīrtans, and skill-building exercises. To accommodate students of varying levels, we teach multiple ways to play every kīrtan, and you can progress though them depending on your level & experience!

  • Harmonium Magic 111 builds on the principles you learn in the 101 course, introducing new kīrtans, mantras and exercises.

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“I’ve played the piano since I was a kid, but I’ve learned more about music from Sheela and Brent in the last two months than in my entire life”. - Abby Spotskey, Yoga Teacher
“Working with Sheela and Brent has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend training with Sheela and Brent highly enough!" - Tanja Mickwitz, Rasa Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer
“I've always wanted to bring more mantra and music into my practice and this has given me a jump start to doing that, and also really has grounded me in the voice and the power of the voice in a new way in this really challenging time...” - Jacqueline


"I bow in appreciation to both you and Brent for creating and facilitating such an incredibly professional, user friendly, aesthetically beautiful, informative and intimate 'class room'. I am learning and growing so much in ways I have never before." - Julie Simonsen

The Harmonium is a Magical Instrument... 

... It gives the voice a lush and continuous tapestry of sound to align with. 

... It is unmatched when it comes to learning the fundamentals of music, and helping train the ear and voice. 

...Chanting while supporting yourself with a simple drone can be a deep, meditative and magical experience.

Sacred Sound Lab Team

Sreedevi Bringi

Retired Faculty member in Yoga Studies, Contemplative Hinduism, Sacred Sanskrit, Naropa University. 

Sheela Bringi

Musician & Educator. Adjunct Faculty in Indian Devotional Singing, Naropa University. 

Brent Kuecker

Videographer & Content Producer for Sacred Sound Lab, Devotional Singer, Bass Player, Yoga Teacher. 

About the Team

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Harmonium Magic 101 w/ LIVE Practice



A Six-Week Video Course

Weekly Live Practice & Coaching Calls Begin Jan 12th 

REGISTRATION CLOSED & LIVE CLASSES UNDERWAY. Email Us to request to register. 


Harmonium Magic 111 LIVE



A Six-Week
Live Virtual Course



REGISTRATION CLOSED & LIVE CLASSES UNDERWAY. Email Us to request to register. 


Harmonium Magic LIVE Bundle: 101 + 111


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Two Six-Week Courses 

The Journey begins Jan 12th