Salutations to the Goddess

A Free Online Harmonium & Singing Class
to learn the Yā Devī Goddess Hymn

 with Sheela Bringi & Brent Kuecker

founders of the Sacred Sound Lab

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Learn 7 verses of the hymn in this 90 minute all-levels class



Sing your salutations to She who is manifest in all beings

In this Free live class you will:

  • get oriented to the harmonium's keyboard

  • learn how to play and sing the Yā Devī Goddess Hymn from the Devī Mahātmyam

  • learn the meaning and significance 

  • receive tips in accurate Sanskrit pronunciation

  • connect in a joyful, supportive community of bhaktas, musicians and chanters!

  • sing kīrtan with Sheela & Brent

  • learn about Sheela & Brent's courses in the Sacred Sound Lab

Great for Beginners! Any keyboarding instrument will do (harmonium, piano, keyboard, organ, etc)



Preview of "Yā Devī"


Honor & revere Her myriad forms

Meet your Guides

Brent and Sheela have been performing & teaching together globally for the past five years, sharing the sacred Indian musical practices of rāga, kīrtan and mantra. They started the Sacred Sound Lab in Sept 2020, from the basement of their home just outside of Boulder, CO. Since then, people from all around the world have enrolled in their online courses, and are making progress with their harmonium & singing... and having fun doing it! 

Sheela Bringi, MFA, is a sacred music artist and educator. She is adjunct faculty at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where she teaches courses in Indian devotional and Rāga singing. Sheela has extensive training in North Indian classical, devotional and Western musical traditions, and past teachers include Indian maestros Pandit G.S. Sachdev and Ustaad Aashish Khan, and Western contemporary greats such as Cecil Taylor and Meredith Monk. 

For nearly two decades, Brent Kuecker has helped people to feel at home in their bodies through teaching the practices of Yoga - and has continued to be first and foremost a student. He is not only a Yoga and meditation teacher, but also a professional musician, videographer, and photographer. He teaches with a humanistic vision and compassionately shares what he has learned through his life.

Brent & Sheela are students of Hindustani master vocalist Sri Subhashish Mukhopadyay (a topmost exponent of the Kotali Gharana).

Testimonials from Students 

"I had no idea how online would work for learning how to play the harmonium but Sheela and Brent are making it happen. This training has been so enriching for my soul." - Linda Brown
“I’ve played the piano since I was a kid, but I’ve learned more about music from Sheela and Brent in the last two months than in my entire life”. - Abby Spotskey, Yoga Teacher
“Working with Sheela and Brent has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend training with Sheela and Brent highly enough!" - Tanja Mickwitz, Rasa Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer


"I bow in appreciation to both you and Brent for creating and facilitating such an incredibly professional, user friendly, aesthetically beautiful, informative and intimate 'class room'. I am learning and growing so much in ways I have never before." - Julie Simonsen

Register below and get instant access to this pre-recorded class.

Learn 7 verses of the hymn in this 90 minute all-levels class