Yoga of Sound Essentials Course

Explore & Experience the Power of Mantra, Rāga, and Kīrtan

 A 3-week live online course with Sheela Bringi & Brent Kuecker


Dec 3 - 17

Live Calls Fridays from 12 - 2 p.m. MST

Live Call Recordings Uploaded within 24 hours
Includes 1-year of Access to Class Replays to View and Sing Along with Anytime 


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Do you love chanting and wish to experience more of its melodic depth and beauty from the Indian tradition?


Do you wish to open yourself to the power of mantra to focus and calm your mind?


Do you want to feel more connected and embodied while singing - even if your voice feels a little crackly today?


Do you want to learn the different essential modalities of the Yoga of Sound and how you can practice them in your daily life?

If so, then we are so excited to invite you to the brand new Yoga of Sound Essentials Course.

In This Course You Will:

  • Thrive with an accessible method of learning music, rooted in Indian tradition

  • Be introduced to Sanskrit - the vibrational language of the Gods

  • Build the skills you need for mantra practice

  • Work with Indian philosophical teachings that empower Yoga of Sound practice

  • Enjoy vocal meditations - supported by the harmonium - for experiencing ease & embodiment

  • Explore the moods of Bhakti and sing until you dissolve into the Divine

  • Be held in a potent container with live classes with Sheela and Brent

  • Connect in a diverse global community with students of all levels

Enroll Now for $97

This Course Includes: 

  • 3 Weekly Livestream Classes - A total of 6 hrs of Immersion into the Yoga of Sound with Sheela & Brent

  • 1 year of access to replays of Live Classes

  • PDF downloads with detailed notations, translations and notes

  • 3 weeks of email support from Sheela and Brent

  • Memories to last a lifetime

How This Course Works:

  • Live calls will be held on Zoom on Fridays December 3, 10 & 17 from 12 - 2 p.m. MST

  • Replays of each class will become available within 24 hrs of each call.

  • Email reminders with PDF downloads and the Zoom link will be sent out the morning of each Live call.

  • Email Sheela & Brent if you have questions

Course Outline


Week 1 - Mantra - The Power of the Word

  • introduction to the sounds of sanskrit

  • tones for chanting

  • theory of sacred speech

  • mantra meditation


Week 2 - Rāga - The Sonic Heart of the Divine

  • singing with the whole self

  • the 7 building blocks of Indian melody

  • emotional tone and color

  • raga-based vocal meditation


Week 3 - Kīrtan - The Fullness of Bhakti

  • the saint-singers & traditions of devotion

  • kīrtan based in rāga

  • sing until you dissolve into the Divine

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Meet Your Guides

Sheela Bringi

Musician & Educator. Adjunct Faculty in Indian Devotional Singing, Naropa University. 

Brent Kuecker

Videographer & Content Producer for Sacred Sound Lab, Devotional Singer, Bass Player, Yoga Teacher. 


"These classes are abundantly rich, informative, professional, fun and stimulating." - Julie Simonson
"All I can say is WOW. I am just overcome with emotion and gratitude for these offerings." - Amanda Perri
"Working with Sheela and Brent has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend training with Sheela and Brent highly enough!" - Tanja Mickwitz, Rasa Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer


"I thought it was going to be a vocal training but it was so much more than that! It was a deep nāda and bhakti yoga immersion. - Lalita Vega, Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness teacher.

You'll love this Course if:

  • You love Indian devotional chanting and want to experience more of its melodic depth and beauty

  • You want to open yourself to the power of mantra to focus and calm your mind

  • You want to feel more connected and embodied in your heart

  • You want to experience powerful & accessible Yoga of Sound practices


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Yoga of Sound Essentials Course


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