Sheela Bringi

Southern California Tour

Jan 9th | Santa Monica

Jan 10th | Ojai

Jan 14th | Topanga

Jan 9 | Santa Monica, CA

Kīrtan & Sacred Music Concert with Sheela Bringi & Friends

$25 / $30

An evening of kīrtan & sacred music with Indian harpist, vocalist and bamboo flautist Sheela Bringi & Friends.

Experience lush renditions of Indian devotional ballads (bhajans), traditional call-and-response chanting (kīrtan), and sublime North Indian musical modes (rāga). 

Your spirit will be uplifted, centered and soothed by the ethereal strings of the harp and cello... the ecstatic rhythms of the tabla and bass... and the earthen winds of the bansuri and harmonium.

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Jan 10 | Ojai, CA

Luminous Sound Ceremony with Sheela Bringi & Brent Kuecker


Expand your perception of the reality of sound and music in the world, and discover its power as a vehicle for awakening.

The ceremony will include:

  • gentle movement
  • vocal toning
  • Yogic Sound meditation from tāntric source texts
  • deeply relaxing śavāsana with Sheela’s harp, bansuri & voice
  • sanskrit chanting for the peace & wellbeing of self and all.

Forge a deeper relationship with sound, music, and speech in this Luminous Sound Ceremony.


Jan 14 | Topanga, CA

Sheela Bringi & Clinton Patterson Live in Concert

$20 / $30

A rare meeting of Indian Rāga and Temple Blues with deep rhythms, ethereal textures, and vocal harmonies.

The evening will begin with a re-imagining of a beautiful North Indian rāga featuring voice, harp, cello, and tabla.

The music will then continue into a special set of songs in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Assamese with themes of inner light, darkness, transformation, and transcendence.


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What People Are Saying:


 "A captivating synthesis of East and West with Sheela’s exceptional voice soaring above all else. Sublime!"
- Light of Consciousness Magazine


“Sheela Bringi's music isn’t just for your yoga practice.”


“Meet the harpist using traditional Indian music and American jazz to ‘bridge worlds'”
- NBC Asian America


“Sheela’s classically trained voice and slightly avant-garde energy create magic.”
- Yoga Chicago